Teamed up with "VIDEO GIRL" made by Katsura Masakazu

Teamed up with "VIDEO GIRL"  made by Katsura Masakazu: is a Japanese manga artist, known for several works of manga, including Wing-man, Shadow Lady, DNA², Video Girl Ai, I"s, and Zetman. He has also worked as character designer for Iria:...

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X-girl for Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny has modeled for so many brands including X-girl’s lookbook and is respected as one of the most influential fashion icons from fans around the world. Chloë starred in the movie “KIDS” by Larry Clark and now works as...

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COCA-COLA by X-girl

The first collab collection with "COCA-COLA" 6 items including a tee and dress and more.

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