Model: 5'8" wearing size 2/M

Size Length Shoulder Width
1/S 25.2 18.9 20.1
2/M 26.0 19.3 20.9

100% cotton

This long sleeve tee with a big silhouette is a collaboration piece with the skater brand【GIRL SKATEBOARDS】. The fresh design of GIRL and FACE print combined on the back. The front has a simple logo printed vertically. It’s an easy piece to pair with pants or skirt. It is recommended to be styled as streetwear or mix it with athleticwear. It is easy to clean and soft on touch with 100% cotton. It can also be worn all year long.

This skateboard brand was launched by Professional Skateboarder RICK HOWARD, film director (then video director) SPIKE JONES and graphic artist ANDY JENKINS in 1994 in California. With the wide recognition in the industry that "There is no doubt that it will be accepted by GIRL! ", the ace of the other brands began joining the team resulting in becoming the No. 1 skate brand. In order to join the team, you must become a family member first. The origin of the name GIRL is unique as it is a woman named MEGAN BOLTIMORE serving as the president

【What is # 1】
This skate fashion line is proposed through X-girl's filter with a line-up of designs rich in possibilities unique to women, reversing the image of the traditionally men’s-like skater style. X-girl’s hope is to reach the skate culture while enjoying "the only one" style without being caught in the stereo type of what the skater should look like.

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